Graded by Joppo

Briljant mind Emmanuel Adje directed this masterpiece about police brutality. Paul ozgur shot in on alexa and Joppo did the color. Shot partly in Tate Modern in London. Very special indeed.

Rico Nasty – Pussy Poppin’

Graded by Joppo

The most fun of having Dutch film-friends moving to LA is keep working together on projects from abroad. Especially when they’re moving to LA because then I can ‘make the blits’ to my daughters by working for artist they know through TikTok. This one especially. Before doing this job, I’ve heart this song going on and on and on playing in our bathroom/livingroom and the kids rooms.

Thanx so much Emma Westenberg for making me a little part of your USA-adventure!

RONNIE FLEX – Millionaire

grading by Joppo

Directed by Giancarlo Sanchez, filmed by Jasper Wolf on the ARRI ALEXA. This music video was shot in Medellín, Colombia and i just finished watching season III of Narcos. So i had lots of references haha. But i tried to enhance it (way) more to get this old-school ‘chalky’ look. It looks like film, but at the same time it doesn’t… Something new that looks like old 🙂

NAAZ – Loving Love

- Grading by Erik

Folkert Verdoorn directed this 16mm piece, which was also really nice editted by Fatih Tura. I really dig this new style of music video, stylisch raw 🙂

AKWARD I – Milkshakes Funnelcakes

- Grading by Erik

Movie director Michiel Ten Horn made this great musicvideo in the US. Erik graded it here in de Grot. Nice Californian colors in the East Coast.


- Grading by Joppo

This guy is gradually becoming one of my favourite directors . . . Noel Loozen. Actually he is a photographer but he has mastered the art of dumbo-steez really well. The successor of Sputnik also shows a high degree of true awesomeness. Also, how cool is that song! I’m a fan. And shot by Tim Kerbosch!


- Grading by Joppo

Jim of Yellow Claw granted Paul Geuzenbroek carte blanche for this video. Turned out to be a really beautiful, gloomy video. Shot by Menno Mans.


- Grading by Joppo

Talking about authorship, Emma’s boyfriend, Sam de Jong, has nothing to complain about. This is my favourite music video since years. To me this is truly the ‘Small-Town-Boy’ of our times. Brilliant camera work by Ton Peters.


- Grading by Erik

Director Fabio Del Frel is, next to super funny, also very on Streets. Together with DOP Paulo Ozgür, he made this very filmic piece, shot on Alexa and graded by Erik to something looking very new.


- Grading by Joppo

An extraordinary project by Sef and the French director Yue Wu on the underground Parisian transvestite battles. Inspired by the documentary ‘Paris is Burning’. Colour, contrast and texture all nicely accentuated. Shot on the RED.


- Edit & grading by Joppo

HALAL producer Gijs Kerbosch luckily has a lot of spare time on his hands (ahum) and that’s why from time to time he makes his own film. Or in this case a music video. I already was a super fan of this song, so when Gijs did the video I was really stoked that I got to do the edit & grading. Super nice end result! The brother of Gijs – Joris- was the DOP on this project.


- Grading by Joppo

Jeroen Houben directed this super happy music video for Dio. Shot on 16mm and kept sunny and fresh in the grading. Pink has the upper hand, which normally makes me throw up. . . But on 16mm it works really well apparently. I really like the song too, which was entirely produced by Tjeerd Bomhof; my absolute music no.1 hero here in the Netherlands.


- Grading by Joppo

Tomas Kaan and Arnold van Bruggen came up with the idea to make a mini documentary based on a song by dEUS about a certain war syndrome. It slipped my mind how it’s called again. Anyway, together with DOP Daniel Bouquet they trotted half the globe to interview soldiers and veterans. The song combined with the content works really well. Especially considering it was all shot on hand cranked 35mm film. Maurik de Ridder did the edit.


- Grading by Joppo

GIMME PEARLS!!!! Emma Westerberg is gradually becoming an author in her work. On this occasion full on over the top colours in a trailer park. Shot by Boas on the RED EPIC in HDR. I finished this video in HDR-style icm ACES color space. And it shows. Haha.


- Grading by Joppo

80’s throwback. Awesome clip made by Habbekrats and shot by Steffen Haars (from ‘The Trip’) on a Panasonic DVX100 minidv-camera. I fiddled around with the grading. Processed it through a VHS tape a couple of times and added some old school porn from the attic to dress the lot. From 2009, but still fresh.