- Camera, dir, edit, color by Joppo

It is Corona-time. And that sucks Big-time… Everybody’s inside being bored and trying to get things done.

My post-facility is in my own house, so the combination of Corona ánd Easter made me decide to finish our new family project.

It is called ‘A Cat’s Tale’ because when i finished the animation intro, my good friend Silas told me that those weren’t waves I made, but cat’s tails. Then i thought “What a great title for our movie!”.

The little one, Joska, who plays the wizard, was ok to act in this little piece, but i just couldn’t get her to wear the wizard’s hat. She thought it was a very stupid hat.. Well that’s Joska..

So i had to buy her some Lego to get things going. I’m learning to direct bit by bit….


- Camera, regie, edit, color by Joppo

Joppo went on a family trip to Iceland with his wife and two daughters. Lots of drama and even more laughs. Here’s a little impression shot on my iPhone.


- Camera, dir, edit, color by Joppo

My God, I almost tricked myself, a nice wintery day at the beach with the family.

Almost looks real huh… haha Happily running around with the Blackmagic Pocket.


- Camera, dir, edit, color by Joppo

The sickest thing to do, of course, is to make your own shorts. Finally I made one with a little more time and attention. Accompanied by my beloved Blackmagic Pocket camera and my two daughters – Ronja (9) en Joska (4) – we headed for the woods. Their mother Ilse joined us so she could carry the cuddly toys and we shot it in three hours! After the edit and grading we recaptured the song from the original vinyl after on which Sharkee dumped some static noise over it.


- Camera, dir, edit, color by Joppo

My youngest Daughter Joska does not want to be photographed, let alone filmed. So I begged her to take a picture of her at different places near Zoutelande and in stead of taking a picture I secretly made videos. She didn’t notice haha. I was so inspired by this song by my fellow Zeelanders Bløf that i hád to make this little video. Joska truly did her best to look happy in this one. Happy to have you here Joska!


- Camera, dir, edit, color by Joppo

That particular day I was editing the new Voicst music video for Allard and Matthijs. It was the first day of editing and later on that same day both of them would drop by to have a first peak. On the sofa behind me this other director, Marco Grandia, was having a nap and during spotting I was playing the entire Voicst CD. Marco woke up and we concluded that another track on the CD just might be a lot cooler than the track I was editing the video for. Before we knew it we were scavenging all these props laying around in De Grot and we rang some friends living close by. That same day we shot another video for that better track. A couple of weeks later this home brew music video was in high rotation on MTV. On the evening of the first ‘edit day’ Allard called me to ask how the edit went . . . Aye . .
Luckily we wrapped that video at the end of that same week.


- Camera, dir, edit, color by Joppo

Uomo Universale Marco Jongeneel already had organised the World Championship Skateboarding in Rotterdam a couple of times. Together with Marco Grandia I made this TVC to promote the event. I mounted my EOS1DmkIII to my skateboard. Combined with a cut of leg from a pair of jeans wrapped around an arm and one hand in a Vans shoe makes for a super weird style that worked out really well. Sharkee from HaaiFaaiDeluxe composed and produced the song.


- Camera, dir, edit, color by Joppo

With a EOSDmkIII one can make 110 photographs in succession with 11fps. In After Effects you can convert these 11fps tot 25fps utilising Twixtor. Big movements will have a morph-effect and small movements will have a super-fluid movement. This combination makes for a weird, new mode of image-motion. Together with my friends from Zeeland we dressed up and I mobilised my (then five year old) niece. We shot about 5000 photos for this video. I really wanted a schizo accompanying piano tune, so Sharkee learned himself to play the piano in one day and I played the bow-on-electrical-guitar, you know. Haha.

Augusta Wind

- Camera, dir, edit, color by Joppo

My frined Beefsteak asked me to make a video for her bag line. I instantly grabbed my Blackmagic Pocket, borrowed the mounts and lenses from Jasper Faber and rushed for Rotterdam. There we rounded up some friends, draped them with all the bags that Beef had lying around and within half a day we shot this video. The next day I did the post and the whole thing was done!

Really fun to do.