Young Capital

Color by Joppo

Very trendy yes yes! Young Capital is the best client you can have. A big company owned by four youngsters who just want nice f*cked up shit as their identity. Shot on glorious 35mm. Agency: HERC.


Color by Joppo

This was actually shot in a swimming pool in Belgium. Ok.. a couple of shots are real ocean shots. Director Paul Geusebroek and DP Daniel Bouquet got carte blanche on this one and chose me for the color. VFX were done in Paris and everyone was thrilled to see the end result. Great job to work on.


- Color & framing by Joppo

The newest trend! Splitscreen! Hooray . . . Although this video mainly involves fiddling around with framing in stead of splitscreens, it stands out in the current universe of hipness. Haha. Directed by Mees Peijnenburg and shot by Jasper Wolf on the ALEXA. Normally I am told to curb my enthusiasm but during this grading session Mees pointed me a bit more in the right direction.


- Color by Joppo

Geusebroek and Menno Mans went to the rougher boroughs of Paris to shoot this video on a cheap Sony F3. After the edit I drenched it in grain and overlay-techniques (in Final Cut Pro 7!) in order to transform the look of the video into a proper movie look. And it worked! On the webz there were DOP’s asking themselves what kind of film stock was used to shoot it on.


- Color & framing by Joppo & Erik

After the successful ASOS JEANS campaign everybody teamed up again to do something nice for ABOUT YOU, the online clothing store. This time with some extra help from my co-grader Erik.

Wrangler #herderstories

Color by Joppo

One of my favourites this one! Again Caroline Koning. This time with Maximillian Pittner as DOP. It was filmed on the ARRI ALEXA but it came out as moving 35mm stills. I love the (very) deep textures and colors, but without getting a too ‘spikey’ image. You gotta love the dirty Cuban surroundings.


Color by Erik @ de Grot

One of the most nicest and funniest director Fabio de Frel made this beauty together with DP Martijn van Broekhuizen and our very own Erik touched the colors just perfectly.


- Grading & color by Joppo & Erik

Erik and my first collab in grading. After three years of running around in the Grot he can do what i do. This one is the DC for a nice promo for the IDxLoewe brand. Caroline Koning directed this beautiful visualisation of a poem by William Morris. DOP: Serge Teulon, Produced by Halal Amsterdam.


Color by Joppo

Knights! Oh Yeah! Beautifully shot on Arri Alexa by Robbie van Brussel and witty directed by Bart Timmer.

We wanted a Frans Hals look on this one and it turned out pretty nice.



- Color by Joppo

TV commercial directed by Paul Geusebroek and shot by Menno Mans. And yet more proof that Californian light is more cinematic than Dutch light.


- Edit & color by Joppo

This one is totally Scotchy mate! I got to work with layers once again and this time around for Caroline Koning. Super awesome! And nicely shot by Tibor Dingelstad!


- Color by Joppo

This one day I woke up early at the weekend while everybody else here was still vast asleep. I then went looking for the fittest street photographers from the 60’s/70’s and 80’s. I stumbled upon the likes of Helen Levitt, William Eggleston, Joel Meyerowitz, Stephan Shore and Saul Leiter (known from Johan Kramer’s Saul Leiter Fanclub).

Subsequently I ordered survey works of the whole lot of them. I am especially fond of the deep coloured ’early colour street photography’. And when Paul Geusebroek came barging in a couple of days later for this Brand Beer ‘flashback film’ I chose not to go for the obvious – posing the past as vague and decolourized – but to do exact opposite instead. Just like in these photo books from the 60’s and 70’s. It was a great success, until the endboss of the beer brand saw the final result and rejected it ‘cause the past isn’t supposed to be so vividly colored. . .

So . . .
Luckily we still have the director’s cut.


Color by Joppo

The Netherlands’ landscapes are famous by their paintings. But filming in Holland is unfortunately not as nice as California or South Afrika. Almost always pure white skies! Thank God we have Myrthe Mosterman! And sky replacements 🙂

I Love to use sky replacements in grading, but I use them subtle. Just like 20% opacity or so. But sometimes subtility isn’t the right choice, just like in the end shot of this commercial. Obviously we needed a banger as the curtains.

Anna van ’t Hek directed this really nice piece.


- Color by Joppo

This beautiful filmic and emotional commercial will almost let you forget about bank scandals. Camera by Robbie van Brussel and directed by Willem Gerritsen.


- Edit & color by Joppo

Boy of boy, it’s getting rather tedious . . . Paul Geusebroek feat. Menno Mans . . . Anyway, I can’t do anything about it. This one is really lit! The upside of working with these guys is that agency&client grant them carte blanche and I in my turn also get to profit from that. Hence full on monkeying around with edit&color until we ourselves thought the final result was truly satisfactory. The only struggle was the music, which of course is of great importance with these kind of videos. We tried everything until Rogier (of Emilio and Rogier of Indie) suggested this track by Dizzee Rascal. Everything fell into place however the track was hard to clear. Big2 of The Opposites jumped in and created the sounds. Great that we can keep on pushing things further our own way in these normally pretty boring commercial blocks. Haha.


Color by Joppo

Bart Timmer can put emotion in the most non-emotional objects you can imagine. This one is a great example. An abandoned shopping cart who falls in love with a customer. Beautifully shot by Myrthe Mosterman.


- Color by Joppo

The refurbishment of the canteen of FC Horsecock (FC Paardenlul) has been going on for two months now. Really annoying, but it has lead to Johan Kramer not making yet another football commercial. Instead he meandered into the wonderful world of bicycle racing. Dutch legend Joop in comfy colours of course.


- Color by Joppo

Directed by Johan Kramer and shot by Daniel Bouquet. Graded by me. I took the liberty to amp up the colour filters a bit.


- Color by Erik

One of the friendliest photographers Karen Rozetski teamed up with DOP Menno Mans to make this 16mm advert about the various ways of kissing. In a zoo… Oh well, whatever makes the world turn round haha. Erik here did a great job on grading this piece.


- Edit & color by Joppo

Cakefilm asked me for a commercial for Hunkemoller. I already had done a couple but this one turned out a bit different than usual. Directed by Caroline Koning, Daniel Bouquet behind and Doutzen in front of the camera. Every image was beautifully shot and the edit was done just like that. Still had to fool around in an arty manor with overlays and stuff in order to prevent an overdose of cleanness. And that’s a good thing for Hunkenmoller.

Budah to Budah

- Color by Erik

Erik got to grade this nice piece for director David-Jan Bronsgeest. Nice colors on this one! DOP was Jeroen Kiers and the production was done by Hazazah.


- Edit & color by Joppo

Ilse and I have quite a hectic temper. Having said that, all that fiddling around on computers and our kids sharing our genes, we are still able to go stealth. In other words, we really appreciate some peace and quiet in our leisure time. It goes without saying that theme parks aren’t quite our cup of tea. Mixing work and family life in De Grot makes for the perfect breeding ground for the unexpected. Like this time when I was editing this Efteling commercial. Ilse came home with the kids and she told them she had a surprise for them. Our kids, naturally having figured out everything already, simultaneously screamed out: “Must be free tickets for the Efteling! But we’re never gonna go as you hate the Efteling!” The entire Efteling-team was working in the adjoining room.

With opened doors . . . Gotta love it ?

Jantje Beton

- Color by Erik

Erik’s first commercial on our site! Totally electric look with a pinch of VHS. Love it!

Directed by Jacobine van Hellemond, Agency: Kessels Kramer.


- Color by Joppo

How brilliant is the performance and pace in this video?! The new Holland Casino commercial from Bart Timmer submerged in a tub of pastels.


- Edit & color by Joppo

Did the edit and grading for this really cool yet dodgy commercial. Also played around with audio layers; stacking layer upon layer to emphasise the vagueness of it all. Directed by Paul Bellaart and Daniel Bouquet shot it with the Bolex.

Unfortunately Tiger Jay thought it was somewhat Waaaaay too vague, but fuck it, we got to add another nice one for the books . . .


- Edit & color by Joppo

Thijs Schöder Rinnooy Kan directed this gay and colourful affair and Robbie van Brussel shot it with the Alexa. I did the edit – finally doing some editing again – and afterwards I also did the grading. And when Remy of XXS tells me that I should not hold back with the colours, well, that makes me a very happy camper. Haha.


- Color by Joppo

After some trial and error back and forth I finally got to work with Michael Wong. A series of commercials for DAS. Shot on the Blackmagic Pocket (Bravo!), the F55-RAW and an Iconoscope or something like that. It came down to the alternative to a BM-pocket . . . Anyways, different formats and codecs but all of them RAW. So I finished of all videos in ACES LOG 1.0 making for intenser colours and highlights without going over the top. Clearly visible in this DAS-TVC version.

Gouda’s GLORIE

- Color by Joppo

The first commercial I graded for Hiba. We were going for this kinda 70’s feeling translated to our times. Super fun and colourful result! Shot by Lex Brand and produced by Rogier van State31.